‘You can’t handle the truth’.

Most tyrannical societies seek to recreate a system similar to the feudalism that was widespread in Europe before the Black Death (1348 — 1350). This was a system of aristocrats and serfs, with a minuscule middle-class of master craftsmen, who served the nobility, but in turn were rigidly governed by the guild system.

Now, in our modern environment we tend not to have an aristocratic or religious nobility, but we do have political and corporate hierarchies. So as our democracies increasingly become politically meaningless, we are reverting to a modern form of feudalism where patronage is more important than acumen, and where one must conform in order to ‘progress’.

The educated middle class — those able to think for themselves — is gone, replaced by a generational mindset completely moulded by a box of electronic components and receiving data beamed from the centre, a centre controlled by a hierarchy. There is an electronic ‘carrot and stick’ process in which the stick will mercilessly batter non-conformism, and the carrot will reward those who parrot the status quo as defined by their betters.

The Black Death created a huge labour shortage in Europe, and so began the breakdown of the master-slave culture that was the defining ethos of feudalism. No longer were run-away serfs returned to their owners; they were hired and put to work as freemen to keep the aristocratic lifestyle from disintegrating entirely.

Slowly but surely the working man achieved a level of autonomy and freedom from the oppression of the aristocracy, culminating in the Constitution of the USA and the subsequent Bill of Rights which effectively removed the remnants of aristocratic dominance from the many societies for which it was a model.

In the twentieth century however, something went horribly wrong.

Europe spawned three deadly tyrannies: Communism, Fascism and Nazism. Communism had its roots in Germany; the trashing of the Judeo-Christian ethical foundation of society by the German ‘higher critics’ produced a free-for-all of moral relativity. Marx was able to take advantage of this new uncritical rigour to produce the political religion of Communism. Fascism, Mussolini style, grew from the melding of Marxist/Leninist doctrines with ancient Roman patrician supremacist culture. Hitler in turn blended Mussolini-style Fascism with ‘Progressive’ cultism (especially its race theory) from the USA to produce Nazism. These three tyrannical systems had more similarities than they had differences, and between them they changed the world — violently.

These tyrannies, and their offshoots, put the freedom clock back a thousand years, back to a time when Islam was a rising star performer.

At the end of the nineteenth century Islam was moribund. The destructive nature of the culture had created literal deserts. It was the culture of the fellahin and the absentee landlord.

Then, “up through the ground came a bubblin’ crude (oil that is); Texas tea” and the desert was awash with money. The motorcar gave freedom to the West, but at a price.

The next thing we know, Islam is buying influence. It has become the new (financial) aristocracy, its slaves being those who take the money and don’t ask questions. We are utterly naïve if we think that Saudis and other GCC nations are not using their wealth to buy political clout.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Islam once more became relevant. It was a way of perpetuating the seductive, male supremacy oriented appeal of Nazism without having to kow-tow to the Führerprinzip of Hitlerism.

The compatibility between the 1400 year old feudal religion of Islam and the feudal aspirations of the twentieth century tyrannies should not be brushed aside, as it may be the huge clue to the motivation behind the Islamisation of Europe and the West. A tyranny does not necessarily imply that the ‘dictator’ needs to be alive. A dead dictator, for example a ‘prophet’ can still be a very demanding figurehead.

We know that between the wars, Communism and Nazism had many supporters in the West, and their viewpoints did not evaporate with the demise of the Third Reich; they had to go underground. Communism distanced itself from ‘Fascism’ by the age-old method of finger-pointing. The close pre-war relationship between Nazis and Stalinists is explored in the documentary “The Soviet Story”.

It is this same relationship which is becoming a force majeure in our lives now. We see the financial immolation of the middle classes, the dumbing-down of education and therefore of opportunity, and the resultant polarisation into ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ . This is the modern feudal society.

If we turn down the volume of political rhetoric and look at the actions of politicians, we can see this modern feudalism growing, right before our eyes. Its first task is to clear away the debris of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Because the UK had no constitution, its Bill of Rights was swept under the table decades ago without even a whisper of protest, and the advent of the European Union has seen the termination of most rights and freedoms for citizens on the European continent, ECHR* not withstanding For under the ECHR, individual rights have been shown to be secondary to the ‘rights’ of governing entities such as the EU itself.

At the moment there are two major attacks on the Constitution of the USA being mounted by the Obama Administration in concert with the United Nations: the attack on the First Amendment by Islamists seeking to stop criticism of their particular religious mores, and the attack on the Second Amendment posed by ‘gun control’ in the wake of Sandy Hook. Personally I find the similarity between Sandy Hook and the Dunblane shootings (which caused the banning of handguns in the UK) and the Port Arthur incident in Tasmania which prompted a tightening of Gun Laws in Australia in 1996 quite startling.

There was an unprecedented 100-year cover-up as a result of Dunblane, and the question needs to be asked why? Sandy Hook too seems to raise some questions as to what actually happened, and these should be investigated before any knee-jerk legislation is enacted. If, indeed, there is gun control by executive order, then US citizens need to ask themselves whether they have a president or a Führer.

Gun control always precedes large scale government-sponsored massacres, whether Armenian, Ukrainian or the Holocaust itself. Governments do not like it when the common people shoot back, and gun control is the first phase of any attempt to reduce a civilised society to feudalism.

I do not know if Dunblane or Port Arthur were ‘false flag’ events or random incidents where a good crisis was not allowed to go to waste.

Freedom of speech has already been voluntarily sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, and has now been further subsumed by government blackmail of the commercial mainstream media, no compliance meaning no access.
A serf in a feudal society does not even own her own body. The owner can do as he likes, when he likes, and there is no recourse. A child is completely at the mercy of the ruling families and can be abused at will. Is it this that we, the general public, want for our spouses, our sons and our daughters?

The end game of tyranny is the desecration of all that freedom-loving humanity holds dear.

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